What is a Startup Studio?

Definition of “Startup Studio”

A startup studio is a framework whose aim is to repeatedly build companies. Thanks to its infrastructure and resources, startup studios increase a startup’s chance of success and optimize its creation and scalability.

Startup Studios all operate on variations of models and philosophies.

There are 3 core fundamental components that establish a Startup Studio.

  1. Internal Ideation - Ideas should be generated internally; startup studios are not early stage investors but actual co-founders. The studio should originally own 100% of the project idea.

  2. Repetition - Building many companies in a row should remain the main goal of startup studios.

  3. Infrastructure - The studio should own an infrastructure made of pooled resources: talented people, serious processes, useful tools and a strong network. A studio should not be just an empty structure owning a portfolio of companies.

Advantages that Startup Studios create for Startups

  • Build Faster: thanks to wise processes and a devoted team of experts working day to day to help your business grow.

  • Build Better: the studio’s team is made of experts in their fields (design, marketing, code, etc.) working together. Recruitment of high profiles is made easier by the good reputation of the studio and assistance of the team. The studio’s network as a whole is a real advantage to help a startup grow.

  • Build Bigger: startup studios make it possible to address larger markets because of the shared knowledge and pooled resources provided.

Many simply see a startup studio as "Parallel Entrepreneurship". Meaning Running several companies at once. The Studios success solely depends on the startups they serve development and overall success.

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