About G2G

Core Values


  • Aim to Build Equity in Opportunity

  • Support inclusive Economic Development through Entrepreneurial Training 

  • Support Financial Literacy and Financial Comprehension

  • Serving the Unlikely and Underrepresented Entrepreneur.

  • Turning Ideas into realities

  • Integrity

  • Effort

  • Creativity 

  • Family 

  • Community   

About the Founder 

"Chief Get Shit Done Officer"

Business Scientist 

Founder / Owner 

Josh Ray MS. MA. 


  • University of South Florida Muma College of Business & Patel College of Global Sustainability Alumni.

  • MS. Entrepreneurship in Applied Technologies; MA. Global Sustainability - Entrepreneurship 

  • Completed IE Business School Summer Entrepreneurship Program 2015 - Madrid, Spain. 

  • Indian School of Business - Leadership and Emotional Intelligence Certificate 

  • Worked with USF Connect & The National Science Foundation on the development of the University of South Florida Patented Technologies. USF ICORPS.

  • Mentored Students of UMKC-Bloch School of Management & Regnier Institute for Entrepreneurship and Innovation; e-Scholars Program. Judged the RVCC Student Pitch Competition. 

  • Worked with a Professor from the Univesity of Kansas Patented Technology 

  • eCommerce Seller since 2008. eBay, Amazon, Etsy, Alibaba

  • Have operated several different service-based businesses

  • Other Past experiences consist of; Certified Personal Fitness Trainer, YMCA Youth, and Adult Sports Program Coordinator, Assitant Manager Finishline. 

  • Self-Published Books on Amazon - See Below. 

  • Passionate about ideas, helping people develop their ideas, culture, friendships, and People doing Awesome things

  • My Donation to Florida Poly Technic University 

"Whether you think you can or you can't either way you are right"

                        ~ Henry Ford

Grow to Greatness Ventures LLC; DBA - G2G Ventures; Grow to Greatness Apparel
is a Startup Studio and Venture Builder
Business Development program

Can you start a business in 12 weeks for 5K or Less? 

G2G Ventures was established to address the gap in early-stage startup business ideas, focusing on supporting and serving the Unlikely and Underrepresented Entrepreneurs of Tampa Bay.


Our Program is equipped to Validate your idea or business model, establish your customer base, and alleviate some of the risky early-stage startup expenses.


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