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Is a studio-like company that aims at building several companies in succession. This style of business building is referred to as "parallel entrepreneurship".

They’re organizations that build companies using their own ideas and resources. Unlike incubators and accelerators, venture builders don’t take any applications, nor do they run any sort of competitive program that culminates in a Demo Day. Instead, they pull business ideas from within their own network of resources and assign internal teams to develop them (engineers, advisors, business developers, sales managers, etc.).

Strategy consulting as working on the top issues of boards of directors, the CEO, and executives. Popularised as the issues that “keep the CEO awake at night,” such issues might be a mix of true strategic and operational issues. By virtue of the fact that they rank as top issues (typically the five top priorities), even operational issues on this agenda require a strategic response. This strategic response requires marshaling the use of scarce corporate resources, significant change management, and must put the company in a better competitive position.

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